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The Murder of Quin-Rong Wu

Eleven-year-old Quin-Rong Wu was kidnapped less than a hundred yards from her school in the Lower East Side.

The Murder of Monica Ignas

A 14-year-old girl is last seen walking along Highway 16 in the direction of her house, but she never makes it home.

The Murder of Micheline Pare

Micheline Pare was last seen hitchhiking along the highway when she went missing.

The Murder of Gloria Moody

A 27-year-old mother of two goes missing after leaving a bar. Her body was found the next day in the woods.

The Murder of Jessica Patrick Balczer

Jessica Patrick Balczer was last seen at a Highway 16 Motel party. She failed to pick her daughter up the next day and was never seen from again.

The Murder of Silene Eaddy

A 15-year-old girl is found beaten and burned to death.

The Murder of Alberta Williams

Alberta Williams was 24-years-old when she was last seen leaving a bar in Prince Rupert. She had planned to fly back to her home in Vancouver the next day.

The Murder of Alishia Germaine

15-year-old Alishia Germaine was last seen leaving a Christmas party in Prince Rupert.

The Disappearance of Tamara Chipman

A young mother disappears after hitchhiking from Prince Rupert to Terrace in 2005.

The Murder of Roxanne Thiara

Roxanne was 15 years old when she disappeared from Prince George on a long weekend in July.

The Murder of PFC Vanessa Guillen

Pfc. Vanessa Guillen mysteriously disappeared on base in Fort Hood Texas. All her belongings were found still on base.

The Murder of Aielah Saric-Auger

Aielah Saric-Auger was 14 years old when she went missing along the Highway of Tears in British Columbia, Canada. Surveillance video shows her walking towards the direction of her house the night of her disappearance.

The Murder of Ramona Wilson

Ramona Wilson was last seen on a Saturday night leaving her house to meet friends for a night out to celebrate their graduation. No one has seen her since.

The Death of Molly Bish

Molly Bish was 16 years old when she mysteriously disappeared one summer day from her lifeguard post.

The Murder of Ada Elaine Brown

Ada Elaine Brown was found dead in a hotel room with a bruised face and two black eyes. Her death was declared one from natural causes.

The Disappearance of Akia Eggleston

Akia Eggleston was 8 months pregnant when she went missing days before her baby shower in Baltimore.

The Death of PFC LaVena Johnson

LaVena Johnson’s death was ruled a suicide, even-though all evidence points to a coverup.

The Murder of Amber Tuccaro

A young mother disappears after getting into the car of man. Audio is later released from the ride, in hopes of finding her killer.

The Death of Sgt. Amy Tirador

Amy Tirador was found in a small closet with a single gunshot wound to her head, the Army ruled it a suicide, despite conflicting evidence.

The Murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German

Eighth-graders Abigail Williams and Liberty German were enjoying a day off from school, when they vanished on a hiking path.

The Murder of Rosenda Strong

Rosenda Strong disappeared after a trip to a Casino. Her body was found 9 months later in a freezer.

The Death of PFC Tina Priest

20-year-old Tina Priest was found dead from a gunshot wound in Iraq, two weeks after reporting a sexual assault.

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