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The Murder of Gloria Moody
Highway of Tears

The Murder of Gloria Moody

Location: Williams Lake, British Columbia  |  Year: 1969

Gloria Levine Moody was from the Bella Coola Indian Reserve of the Nuxalk Nation in British Columbia. She was 27 years old and the mother of two children, ages three and four. “She was a really very happy person, very fun-loving and always trying to help people. She basically cared for us, me and my younger sisters, while my mother worked,” recalled her brother Dave Moody.

On the weekend of October 25, 1969, Gloria was on a road trip with her family and she and her brother made plans to go into town for a night out. The two had gone to several bar establishments that night including The Lakeview, The Maple Leaf, and Ranch Hotel. Ranch Hotel was the last bar the two visited. Ready to call it a night, Dave left the bar to head back to his hotel room. He assumed his sister was right behind him, but when he turned back to speak to her, she was nowhere to be seen. He does not know what happened after that.

The next day, two hunters were on a cattle trail that was approximately 10 km west of Williams Lake when they saw the body of a woman in the bush. The body was soon identified by police to belong to Gloria. She had been stripped naked, with her clothes discarded nearby, beaten, and sexually assaulted. She had bled to death from her injuries.

No one has ever been arrested for the murder of Gloria. Gloria is widely believed to be the first known case of the Highway of Tears. Since her death, an RCMP Task Force called E-PANA was created to investigate the series of unsolved murders along this highway, including Gloria’s. The purpose of the task force was “to determine if a serial killer, or killers, is responsible for murdering young women traveling along major highways in BC” (E-PANA website). To date, however, this case still remains unsolved, as do all the cases along the highway included in E-PANA.

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