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The Disappearance of Akia Eggleston

The Disappearance of Akia Eggleston

Location: Baltimore, Maryland  |  Year: 2017

In 2017, Akia Shawnta Eggleston lived in Cherry Hill, Baltimore. She was 22 years old, 8 months pregnant, and expecting her second child. Akia was unable to drive or walk long distances at the time because her pregnancy was considered high-risk, as the baby was breech and she was on bed rest.

Akia Eggleston (The Vanished)

On May 3, 2017, an older friend (now deceased) drove Akia to a bank in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor neighborhood. Akia withdrew a total of $572 and it is suspected that the money was to pay the deposit for a new apartment she planned on moving into with the father of her baby.

On May 7, a baby shower and gender reveal party had been planned for family and close friends. Akia had spent months planning the party and was looking forward to celebrating with everyone. But on the day of the party, Akia never showed up. Worried friends headed to her apartment later, only to find her not there. They reported her missing the next day.

Akia Eggleston was captured on camera entering a bank to withdraw money (FOX Baltimore)

Akia’s disappearance was suspicious to her family from the start, her family knew she would never have left her 2-year-old daughter or family without saying anything. When police searched her apartment, it appeared that she had moved out, her bed was still there but her dresser and all her clothes had been removed from the closet. Due to her condition, Akia’s family knew it was physically impossible for her to move anything. Police interviewed Akia’s roommates and friends but no one claimed to have helped her move anything.  

There were no signs that any of us saw that she would just want to pack up and leave.

Sanobia Wilson, aunt of Akia Eggleston (CBS Baltimore)

Cameras at her apartment complex were not working at the time, so nothing was captured. The father of Akia’s unborn son was Michael Robertson, a family friend who was someone that her family was concerned with from the beginning. He never showed up to the baby shower, never contacted anyone when she disappeared, and never helped out in the search efforts. He also had a girlfriend and multiple children at the time of her disappearance. Despite this, he was never named a person of interest by police.

After a vigil held in front of her apartment, when family and friends were cleaning up, they discovered Akia’s bank card in a bush in front of her complex. The card looked to be in good condition and was never discovered by police when they initially searched her apartment, leading friends and family to suspect that it was placed there afterward.

Four years later, Akia’s family is still actively searching for answers. Baltimore police believe foul play is suspected and this case remains open and unsolved.

I don’t think her case was taken seriously. I think it was viewed as she was just another black girl that’s missing.

Sanobia Wilson, aunt of Akia Eggleston (CBS Baltimore)

Update – February 3, 2022

Police announced today that they have arrested Michael Robertson and charged him with the murder of Akia Eggleston. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the killing of Akia and her unborn child. If found guilty, he will face a maximum of two life sentences in prison.

Michael Robertson (WMAR Baltimore)

Interviews, social media messages, and financial and telephone records were used to construct a timeline of the case by officials. They also discovered that a “volatile argument” had taken place between the pair the night before Akia’s disappearance and cell phone records show Robertson was the last person with Eggleston. Previous internet searches of his were also found which included trash dumping locations in Baltimore. Akia’s body has yet to be recovered and Michael Robertson is currently awaiting trial.

Arrest made in the case of Akia Eggleston, a pregnant Baltimore woman missing since 2017
41-Year-Old Man Arrested And Charged With Murder In Disappearance Of Akia Eggleston, Pregnant Woman Missing Since 2017

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