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The Murder of Ada Elaine Brown


Prince George, British Columbia




In 2001, Ada Elaine Brown was a 41-year-old mother of two, living in Prince George, British Columbia and was a member of the Tahltan First Nations. Ada had come from a big family and was the youngest of eight siblings and was known as the life of her family.

On April 9, Ada’s lifeless body was found in a hotel room. Within hours of her death, police determined Ada had died of natural causes. This was determined without a criminal investigation or autopsy being done.

When Ada’s body was brought home for her funeral, her family barely recognized her. She had been badly beaten, had bruises on her face and two black eyes. This left many questions for the family as to how her death was determined to be of natural causes, and how police were so quick to label it that.

She had been beaten so badly we barely reconginzed her.

Terri Brown, sister of Ada Elaine Brown (Vancouver Sun)

Her family was suspicious of the cause of her death because Ada was known to have been in a relationship with a man who was both physically and verbally abusive towards her. Despite Ada’s sister and daughter’s attempt to stop the relationship, they were unable to get her away.

Almost a year after Ada’s death, her family received an autopsy report which stated that the cause of her death was from a brain aneurysm. Her family knew that Ada had visited a doctor complaining about headaches before her death but was sent home with Tylenol and no proper examination each time. Days later, she was found dead. Terri, Ada’s sister believes if she died from a brain aneurysm, it was from being beaten.

No one has been charged in Ada Brown’s death and Ada’s family has been fighting for answers to the inconsistency and lack of investigation that was done in her death ever since. The RCMP considers the case closed.

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