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The Disappearance of Alyssa McLemore


Kent, Washington




In 2009, Alyssa McLemore, a member of the Aleut tribe was 21-years-old, a mother of a young daughter and lived in Kent, Washington.

Alyssa McLemore with her daughter (Blog Talk Radio)

On April 9, Alyssa’s grandmother Barbara McLemore called to tell her that her mother, Gracie McLemore who was suffering from scleroderma was taking a turn for the worse. Alyssa told her grandmother she was coming home to be with her mother. She never showed up though. Her mother ended up dying three days later.

The police were contacted to file a missing person’s report but told the family they were unable to do anything until 24 hours had passed.

The next day, on the evening of April 10th at 9:15 p.m. a 10 second phone call was made to 911 from Alyssa’s phone. The dispatcher heard a woman frantically asking for help, but the line went dead before she could respond.

The police tried to track the call, but were unable to do so successfully, as the phone did not have a GPS sensor. They believed the call was made in Kent, and confirmed on 911 call records that the phone number belonged to Alyssa. The phone went out of service a few days later.

Two sightings of Alyssa on the day she disappeared eventually came in. She was reportedly seen near 30th Avenue South and Kent-Des Moines Road on Kent’s West Hill, where she was approached by a green 1990’s model pickup truck. The witness believed the truck had an out-of-state license plate.

Another witness told police Alyssa was with a Caucasian man in his 50s or 60s, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and 175 to 185 pounds. The man reportedly drove a green pickup and had some type of connection with her.

Police are still searching for any information regarding Alyssa’s disappearance and the case remains open and unsolved.

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