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The Disappearance of Sandra Crispo

The Disappearance of Sandra Crispo

Location: Hanson, Massachusetts  |  Year: 2019

Sandra Crispo was 54 years old and had just moved to Hanson Massachusetts from Quincy Massachusetts to be closer to her daughter Laina McMahon and her three grandsons. Sandra was known to be a devoted grandmother, who loved spending time with her family—especially her grandchildren. She spent her days watching the three young boys while Laina worked as a nurse in Boston.

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On Wednesday, August 7, 2019, Laina drove to her mother’s house and dropped off her children as usual, before leaving for work. That afternoon, Sandra realized she was having problems with her car and another family member picked her and the boys up to drop the car off at a mechanic. The family member then took her to buy cigarettes at Cumberland Farms, which security cameras confirm. Sandra is then dropped off at her house around 5 p.m.

The next day, Laina was at the beach with her sons enjoying her day off, when she received a call from her mother’s mechanic with a request for parts that would be needed for the repair. Laina called her mother to pass on the information but was unable to reach her that morning. She tried throughout the day as well but her mother never picked up.

On Friday morning, Laina drove to her mother’s house to drop off her children for a planned sleepover, but soon realized her mother was nowhere to be found. The lights and air conditioner were still on in the house and the back door was unlocked. Sandra’s black lab Clarence was also noticeably timid and was out of food and water. Sandra’s shoes and purse were gone and there was cut-up watermelon in the fridge ready to be eaten that night with her grandchildren.

Knowing she was not the type of person to leave without telling anyone, a missing person report was filed. Police searched her home, surrounding areas and asked the public for help, but are met with dead ends. This case is also particularly difficult because of the lack of a digital trail, as Sandra did not own a cell phone or a computer.

Sandra’s family and police are still actively searching for her.

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